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Breathe in the cleanest quality air with duct cleaning services from
ServiceMaster by Park-Ellis.

Cleaning your air isn't always top priority on your "to do" list. But with duct cleaning services
from ServiceMaster by Park-Ellis, you can serve up the cleanest, freshest air possible to your
family and friends.

When the heating and cooling systems in your home or office are not properly maintained,
dust, pollen, and other unwanted debris can build up and contaminate the quality of your air.
Moisture trapped and pooling in your duct systems increases the potential for microbiological
growth (e.g. mold), allowing spores from this growth to be released into and pollute your air.
Keep your air ducts, diffusers, heating/cooling coils, and fan motors contaminant free with
duct cleaning from ServiceMaster by Park-Ellis.
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